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BN-104 Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester

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Standard:ASTM D6371

This instrument is self-developed according to ASTM D6371 standard for the detection of diesel oil and heating fuels cold filter plugging point automatic instrument.


Performance Characteristics:

  1. Embedded computer, 10.4 inch large LCD display, all English operating system.
  2. Metal bath, equipped with imported compressor, double compressor compound refrigeration, fast cooling.
  3. Two hole metal bath can control the bath temperature respectively, can detect two groups of data simultaneously.
  4. The instrument also has a quick detection method, according to the expected cold filter plugging point can be directly set the lowest cold bath temperature, so that the sample quickly cool down, shorten the test time.
  5. In order to avoid the influence of light on the detection, the instrument uses optical fiber sensor to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results.
  6. Automatic timing, judgment and preservation test results are available, and the results can be printed.



Technical Parameters:

  1. Temperature control range: -70℃—48℃
  2. Metal bath temperature precision: ±0.5℃
  3. From 48 to -70 no more than 15 minutes
  4. Metal baths can fall by 17 in less than 150 seconds
  5. Power1800W
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