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BN-128 fast freezing point tester

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Applicable standards: equivalent GB/T 510

10.4-inch touch-screen LCD display, real-time data display of all Chinese interface.

Three-stage refrigeration, the cooling speed is fast, from start-up to injection, and the test results are obtained, only 10 to 15 minutes.

Accurately monitor oil sample changes using optical principles, and automatically measure and report test results through inspection software.

The instrument is equipped with dual detectors that enable another set of detectors when one set of detectors fails.

Only 5 mL of oil sample is needed for each test; the continuous injection can be performed automatically by using a peristaltic pump, and the number of injections can be arbitrarily set.

After the test is over, the instrument automatically heats up.

Efficient and fast database function for easy access to and use of saved test results.

Password protection operation authority ensures the security of the database.

The key components are selected from international famous brands to ensure the performance and reliability of the instrument.

The instrument can be connected to the laboratory LIMS system and can be connected to multiple machines.


Specimen measurement range: 10 ° C ~ -65 ° C

Average test time: 10~15min

Sample size: 5mL

Machine power: 600W

Dimensions: 760 × 470 × 510 (mm)

Weight: 50Kg

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