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BN-103 Automatic Pour Point Tester

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Applicable standards: GB/T 3535 ASTM D97

Embedded computer, imported industrial computer, 10.4 inch LCD screen, full Chinese operating system, touch screen control.

Metal bath, equipped with imported compressor, double compressor cascade cooling, fast cooling speed.

Double bath, double hole, and bath temperature are separately controlled, and two sets of data can be detected simultaneously.

The sample was tested for all temperature points in one bath.

The single-chip control can automatically complete the process of sample lifting, tilting, and detection.

With fast detection function. Fast method: The minimum cold bath temperature can be set directly according to the expected pour point, so that the sample can be cooled quickly and the test time can be shortened.

Automatic timing, automatic judgment of test results, automatic preservation of test results, results printing and other processes.

PPT imaging technology is used to visually observe changes in oil surface.

The faults that occur during the test of the instrument can be displayed through the status bar on the main interface for easy maintenance.

The imported glass temperature sensor has the same thermal conductivity as the mercury glass thermometer, and the result is more accurate.

It can be connected to the laboratory LIMS system, and the software can be automatically upgraded by inserting a USB disk into the USB port.


Minimum measured pour point: -51 ° C

Temperature control range: 48 ° C ~ -69 ° C

Bath temperature control accuracy: ±0.5 °C

Cooling speed: from 48 ° C to -69 ° C ≤ 15 minutes

Bath temperature decreased by 17 ° C ≤ 150 seconds Test holes: 2 holes

Power: 1800W

Dimensions: 700 × 550 × 640 (mm)

Weight: 106Kg

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