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BN-122 automatic closed flash point tester

Embedded computer, imported industrial computer, 12.1-inch large-screen LCD display, all Chinese operating system. The whole process displays the vapor temperature, heater temperature, condensation temperature, receiving chamber temperature and distillation rate curve in real time, which can be easily and intuitively read out and judge whether the indicators meet the standard requirements.
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Applicable standards: GB/T 261 ASTM D93

Embedded computer, imported industrial computer control, 8-inch color LCD touch screen display, full Chinese operation interface.

Rich interface, real-time display of expected flash point, applicable standards, maximum flash point, detection sensitivity and test status.

It has the functions of automatically controlling the heating rate of the sample, auto-ignition, automatic judgment result, and automatic cooling.

Efficient and fast database function for easy access and use of saved results.

The built-in atmospheric pressure sensor automatically corrects the measurement results based on the measured atmospheric pressure.

The imported glass sensor is more consistent with the thermal conductivity of the thermometer.

The stepping motor is used to stir the sample, and the rotation speed is stable and accurate. It fully meets the requirements of GB/T 261 and ASTM D93 for the stirring speed.

Ability to save 500 test results and pass test data to the LIMS system.

There are two ways of electronic ignition and gas ignition.


Measuring range: 40~300°C

Temperature detection: imported glass sensor (Pt100)

Flash point detection: miniature thermocouple

Heating rate: Method A: 5 to 6 ° C / min

                 Method B: 1 to 1.5 ° C / min

                 Method C: 3.0 ± 0.5 ° C / min

Heater: 220V, 0.5kW

Gas source: liquefied petroleum gas, butane

Size: 384 × 418 × 328 (mm)

Weight: about 15kg

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