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BN-518 Lubricating Oil Composition Tester (Dual Adsorbent Method for Determination of Lubricant Potential Content)

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Full Chinese interface, computer controlled rinsing process is fully automatic.

Multiple rinsing programs can be set. The order, volume, rate and other parameters of each solvent rinsing can be set according to the needs. The corresponding rinsing program is selected for each rinsing, and the instrument automatically works according to the set parameters.

You can rinse up to 3 glass adsorption columns at the same time, each of which is individually controlled.

The sample can be rinsed with four kinds of solvents. After each solvent is rinsed, the receiving bottle is automatically replaced, and the user can also select several of them for rinsing.

The peristaltic pump is used to accurately control the solvent flow rate and volume. Each rinsing system is equipped with a peristaltic pump to correct the rate of each peristaltic pump.

Imported solvent-resistant solenoid valve is adopted, and the pipeline adopts imported fluororesin tube.

An internal six-way valve is used to prevent each solvent from mixing during rinsing.

At the same time, alumina can be added to the three glass adsorption columns at the same time, and the vibration device of each channel is separately controlled.

Automated loading of the adsorption column enables the alumina in the adsorption column to be filled evenly and densely.


Number of columns installed: 3

Stepped rinsing for four solvents and automatic replacement of receiving bottles

Eluent solvent flow rate: 1~8mL/min±5%

Equipped with adsorption column automatic loading device

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