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BN-040 Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils Tester

Applicable Standard:ASTM D892


This instrument is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D892 standard. It is suitable for determining the foam tendency and foam stability of lubricating oil under specified conditions.


Performance Characteristics:

*The instrument is composed of high temperature bath (93.5℃), low temperature bath (24℃) and control device.

*The main structure of high temperature bath (93.5℃) and low temperature bath (24℃) is basically the same. The measuring cylinder bracket and heater are installed on the bath cover, which is very convenient to install. Heat bath with heater enclosure (plexiglass). The cold bath is equipped with cooling water pipes and air conditioning pipes.

*The controller uses intelligent digital temperature display table PID parameter to control bath temperature, and the control precision is high. Equipped with constant temperature heater and auxiliary heater, fast heating speed.

*The gas flow control system is composed of gas filter dryer, pressure regulator cylinder, rotor flowmeter and so on. Dryer is filled with desiccant indicating, observe the change of its color, judge whether failure. After filtering and drying, the gas is divided into four ways by the air distributor, which are connected to the inlet nozzle of the flowmeter respectively, and then connected to the connecting rod of the foam head after being controlled by the flowmeter.


Technical Parameters:

*Temperature control point: high temperature bath 93.5℃

low temperature bath 24 ℃

*Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃

*Heating power: High temperature bath 1800W

Low temperature bath 1000W

*Gas flow rate: 94 ±5ml/min(4 line)

*Timer: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds resolution 1 second

*Size: 950×360×635 (mm)

*Weight: 20 kg



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