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Embedded computer, imported industrial computer, 12.1-inch large-screen LCD display, all Chinese operating system. The whole process displays the vapor temperature, heater temperature, condensation temperature, receiving chamber temperature and distillation rate curve in real time, which can be easily and intuitively read out and judge whether the indicators meet the standard requirements.
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BN-100 Automatic Distillation Tester

Applicable standard:ASTM D86 ASTM D850 ASTM D1078


This instrument is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078. It is an automatic analytical instrument for measuring the atmospheric distillation range of petroleum products.


Performance Characteristics:

  1. Embedded computer, 12.1 inch large LCD display, all English operating system.
  2. The whole process instantly displays the vapor temperature, heater temperature, condensing temperature, receiving chamber temperature, distillation rate curve, which can be read directly and judge whether the indicators meet the standard requirements.
  3. With automatic control distillation rate, recovery volume automatic detection function.
  4. Adopt low voltage, large current distillation heater, safe and reliable, long service life.
  5. Adopt synchronous belt drive system to ensure the realization of the precise value specified in the standard.
  6. The refrigerators, sensors and detectors are all from international famous brands.
  7. Equipped with flame detector, with automatic fire extinguishing function.
  8. With the function of heating adjustment of final distillation point, it can be used for the detection of benzene samples.
  9. The temperature can be corrected and the experimental results can be printed.Repeatability of multiple experimental results can be compared.


Technical parameters:

  1. Temperature control range of cold bath: 0 ~ 60℃
  2. Temperature control accuracy of cold bath: ±0.5℃
  3. Temperature control range of receiving room: 0 ~ 60℃
  4. Temperature control accuracy of receiving room: ±1℃
  5. Distillation heater: 1000W/24V
  6. Power: 2500W
  7. Size: 500 X 530 X 680 (mm)


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