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BN-052 LPG Densitometer

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Applicable standards: SH/T 0221 ISO 3993

The instrument is mainly composed of a control system, a refrigeration system, a constant temperature bath and a pressure density meter cylinder.

The refrigeration system is cooled with a fully enclosed compressor.

The constant temperature bath is made of stainless steel bath and plexiglass transparent window. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good transparency, etc., and it is evenly stirred to control the temperature average. The sides of the constant temperature bath are illuminated by fluorescent lamps, and the light in the bath is even and soft.

The stirring device adopts motor stirring, and the water dividing plate is divided into water, and has the characteristics of uniform stirring.

The electronic control system adopts PID adjustment, high temperature control precision, and self-tuning function. The set value and the measured temperature value are displayed simultaneously.

The pressure density meter cylinder is assembled by hard glass cylinder and cast copper plug, and a safety protection net is installed on the periphery to ensure the pressure requirements of the experimental method.


Input power: 1250W

Cooling system power: 425W

Heater power: 800W

Temperature control range: 10~25°C

Control accuracy: ±0.2°C

Dimensions: 330 × 530 × 810 (mm)

Weight: 45Kg

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