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BN-125 Micro Rapid Flash Point Tester

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This instrument is an environmental-friendly instrument with independent intellectual property rights. The instrument is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D6450、ASTM D7094 standards. This instrument adopts the closed cup method to determine the flash point of fuel oil, lubricating oil, solvent oil and other liquid.

2.Performance characteristics

Portable design, can be used in the field.

Big color touch screen is easy to browse, based on W indows operating platform, its interface is intuitive and simple.

No open fire, no sample volatilization and evaporation loss,

Continuous closed cup design, automatic explosion detection and air supply control protection, eliminate fire and smoke, with reliable safety.

The built-in electric heating and cooling technology can realize the rapid heating and cooling of sample test and accurately control the test temperature.

High flexibility, almost all flash point test methods can be simulated by this product, only need to modify the control parameters and heating rate, air intake and ignition.

Automatic detection, with atmospheric pressure correction, real-time display of temperature and pressure curves and other functions.

Has user authority setting, custom flash point measurement method, standard user and advanced user hierarchical management function.

instruments are compatible with USB interfaces and printers to achieve various network, computer and L IMS system access through LAN.

3.Technical parameters

1)Range :10~250℃

2)Temperature stability :±0.1℃

3)Amount of samples :1 mL (ASTM D 6450),2Ml (ASTM D 7094)

4)Pressure range :0 KP a ~200 KPa

5)Storage space: more than 10000 samples.

6)Temperature :5~40℃

7)Ambient humidity :≤85 per cent

8)Full power :300 W

9)Dimensions: mm*280mm*470mm 270

10)Weight :15 Kg

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