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BN-020Z Auotomatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester

1.Temperature range:Room temperature—120℃,Accuracy:±0.01℃ 2.Heating power:1300W 3.Liquid level detection: Infrared photoelectric detection 4.Sample storage temperature:0—50℃ 5.External dimensions: 360 X 450 X 665 (mm) 6.Weight: 28.5Kgs
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Standard:ASTM D445

This instrument is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D445 standard. It is suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (refers to Newton liquid). It is an index to evaluate the flow performance of oil products.


Performance Characteristics:

1.Embedded computer, large 8.4 inch LCD display, all English operating system.

2.Adopt the modular design, the detection part adopts the advanced sensor and the high precision AD conversion circuit, the main control part adopts several Industrial applications, high reliability of the 16-bit RISC structure, ultra-low power microprocessor, good and reliable communication will each module to form a unified, reliable measurement and control platform.

3.The running program adopts the high quality, the most simple modular program design, and the organic combination with the hardware,the whole process of kinematic viscosity measurement, such as automatic temperature rise and constant temperature, liquid level detection, timing, cleaning viscosity tube, printing and so on, can be completed automatically, and the operation mode of one-key output can be achieved.

4.Preset 4 groups of measurement parameters, for testing different samples to choose, easy to test operation.At the same time, the preset parameters can be modified to meet the requirements of testing special samples.

5.The temperature sensor contains PT100 stainless steel probe made in Germany, built-in temperature correction, reliable detection results.


Technical Parameters:

  1. Temperature range:Room temperature120℃Accuracy:±0.01℃
  2. Heating power:1300W
  3. Liquid level detection: Infrared photoelectric detection
  4. Sample storage temperature0—50℃
  5. External dimensions: 360 X 450 X 665 (mm)
  6. Weight: 28.5Kgs
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