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Bn-255 distillation tester

1、 Overview This instrument is designed and manufactured according to sh/t 0191-1992 (2007) standard, and is applicable to measuring the demulsification value of turbine oil and other lubricating oils. 2、 Performance characteristics The instrument consists of three parts: emulsification bath, separation bath and steam generator, which are divided into three spaces but integrated into an all stainless steel structure. The emulsification bath and separation bath are stirred by motor. Quartz electric furnace heating, PID self-tuning. The three parts of emulsification bath, separation bath and steam generator are completely controlled independently and do not interfere with each other. A temperature sensor switch button is added at one side of the emulsification bath to facilitate the user to observe the temperature of the emulsification bath at any time or the temperature of the sample in the oil container after switching. PID temperature control system is adopted, with digital temperature display and accurate temperature control. 3、 Technical parameters Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 100 ℃ Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃ Temperature sensor: Pt100 Glass cylinder: 3000ml for both separation bath and emulsification bath Heating power of emulsion bath: 300W, heating power of separation bath: 1000W, power of steam generator: 500W
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Bn-255 distillation tester

1、 Overview
This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with gb/t 255-1977 (2004) and is applicable to the determination of engine fuel, solvent oil and petroleum product fractions.
2、 Performance characteristics
The heating furnace adopts the infrared heating type of quartz glass tube covered with electric heating wire. Compared with the traditional bare wire heating method, it has the advantages of oil splash prevention, electric shock prevention, oxidation resistance and high thermal efficiency.
The main components of the temperature rise rate regulation and control circuit are solid-state voltage regulators, which are simple to install and reliable in performance. The output voltage is directly displayed by the voltmeter, which is intuitive and easy to control.
The left-right movable observation window of the heating chamber provides great convenience for the installation of the flask, the height adjustment of the furnace frame and the cooling of the heating furnace.
With electric furnace lifting device.
Stainless steel cold bath.
3、 Technical parameters
Heating capacity of quartz tube: room temperature ~ 700 ℃
Adjustable lifting capacity of heating furnace: 32mm
Distillation heater power: 0 ~ 1200W continuously adjustable
Heating furnace lifting: manual lifting, flexible and stable
Thickness of fuselage plate: ≥ 1.0mm


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