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Dalian Bangneng Introduces BN-129 Abel Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester


  2. The instrument complies with the IP170 and EN ISO13736 standard methods, accurately determines the flash point of 30c to 110C, and has a high degree of automation, which can be widely applied to petroleum products, alcohols, solvents, chemicals, foods, etc.

    Performance characteristics:

    Adopt 8.4-inch LCD screen, full Chinese display

    It adopts industrial grade mainboard control and integrates temperature control, ignition, flash point detection, storage and printing into one and completes automatically. Automatic detection of flash point; automatic opening and ignition

    Each instrument is equipped with two ignition systems, free to choose an electronic or gas igniter: if a gas igniter is used, the electronic igniter will automatically reignite the gas flame as needed during the test

    External flame sensor increases system safety

    Equipped with multi-function circulating cooling water bath, automatic / manual control of cooling medium circulation

    The test results are automatically corrected to the standard atmospheric pressure; after the test is completed, the test results are automatically saved and the results can be uploaded to the IMS system.


    Technical Parameters:

    Test range: -30C~110C (external circulation cooling water bath)

    Temperature resolution: 0.1C

    Ignition: gas ignition and electric ignition (interchangeable)

    Heating: Depending on the method or user customization

    Stirring speed: according to method or user customization

    Flash point detection: thermocouple differential detection;

    Temperature measurement: PT100 atmospheric pressure correction: automatic correction

    Safety; automatic flame detection, automatic fire extinguishing

    Machine power consumption: 300W

    Working power: AC220V10%, 50Hz

    Size: ( Hx Wx D) 530 × 392 × 286mm

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Dalian Bangneng Introduces BN-129 Abel Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester

The warranty period of the products awarded by Dalian Bangneng Petroleum is two years, and provides lifetime on-site maintenance services for the products. Defects due to product quality are provided free of charge, replacement, and return service. During the warranty period, free home repair service and spare parts are provided. Non-human causes are all repaired or replaced by the manufacturer free of charge. Outside the warranty period, the repair only charges the cost of the accessory, no labor, door-to-door fee and handling fee. The replacement cost is charged.

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