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BN-108  Automatic Oxidation Stability of Gasoline         (Induction Period Method)

Applicable standard:ASTM D525


This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D525 standard,which is suitable for the determination of the oxidation stability of gasoline in the oxidation condition, which can be used to determine the length of the gasoline storage period.


Performance Characteristics:

  1. Embedded computer, 10.4 inch LCD display, full English operating system.
  2. In order to be used in different regions, different atmosphere pressure caused different boiling points, and the metal bath was adopted.And it has the advantages of high heating speed and high precision.
  3. The instrument uses the solenoid valve to complete the oxygen bomb charging and discharging, so that the operation process is simple and easy, the solenoid valve connection adopts the hard connection mode, the largest limits avoid system leaks.
  4. During the test, the pressure curve and pressure drop curve are displayed. After the test is completed, the data can be saved.
  5. The oxygen bomb is sealed with advanced hand rotation technology, which can guarantee the good sealing performance of the oxygen bomb without special tools.
  6. The oxygen bomb single rod is equipped with safety diaphragm to ensure the safety of the test.


Technical Parameters:

  1. Measuring range of pressure gauge:0~1.6Mpa
  2. Accuracy of constant temperature:±0.5℃
  3. Total power:1300W
  4. External dimensions: 570 X 390 X 420 (mm)
  5. Weight30Kgs


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